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Strengthen your analysis portfolio with standardized microbiota tests. Our product range includes standardized solutions for microbiota profiling in both research and clinical diagnostics.

GA-map® Dysbiosis Test

Our standardized diagnostic test for microbiota profiling from human fecal samples, which detects and characterizes dysbiosis.

  • Compatible with the Luminex® 200™ and MAGPIX® readout platforms
  • Automatic comparison to a healthy normal range
  • Assay time around 8 hours* 
  • Automatic result generation with GA-map® Analyzer software
  • CE-IVD approved, manufactured in ISO13485 accredited lab

*Depending on number of samples analyzed, not including gDNA extraction step

GA-map® Dysbiosis Test

CE-IVD marked

Short turnaround

Easy to integrate

High throughput

GA-map® Discovery

Standardized Research use Only microbiota profiling assay.

  • Detection and semi-quantitative measurement of >170 gut and oral microbiota targets 
  • Suitable for stool and saliva/oral swab testing
  • Assay time around 12 hours*
  • No advanced bioinformatic processing needed
  • Facilitates assay development with disease/application specific sub-panels
  • Manufactured in ISO13485 accredited lab

*Depending on number of samples analyzed, not including gDNA extraction step

GA-map® Discovery

High accuracy

Exceptional reproducibility

Documented specificity

Easy-to-handle data

GA-map® COVID-19 Fecal Test

Standardized diagnostic test for reliable detection of SARS-CoV-2 in human fecal samples.

  • qPCR based
  • CE-IVD approved
  • Manufactured in ISO13485 accredited lab

GA-map® Sample Collection Kit

A clinically validated and CE-IVD approved kit for collection, transport and storage of fecal specimens for nucleic acid analyses.

  • User-friendly system for at-home fecal sample collection
  • Suitable for downstream nucleic acid analyses
  • Includes sampling tube with stabilizing buffer for sample preservation and pathogen inactivation 
  • Includes transport container for safe and efficient transport to lab 
  • CE-IVD approved, manufactured in ISO13485 accredited lab

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