GA-map® Discovery

Microbiota profiling service

GA-map® Discovery is a comprehensive, end-to-end microbiota profiling service developed for researchers in academia and industry. The service provides in-depth insight into gut and oral microbiota. Send us your samples to uncover valuable bacteria signatures and new biomarkers. Find new associations between specific bacteria, health and disease with GA-map® Discovery.

High accuracy & reproducibility

Documented specificity

Short turnaround

Complete workflow service

Discover the microbiota

Built on the standardized GA-map® platform, GA-map® Discovery is our new end-to-end microbiota research service for gut and oral microbiota profiling. Our workflow includes DNA extraction and a comprehensive microbiota analysis including a panel of more than 170 bacteria markers. In addition to microbiota analysis, we provide a range of bioinformatic services to power your research with ready-to-publish results. GA-map® Discovery is a perfect choice for comparative studies of different disease cohorts, treatment response studies, microbiota diversity studies, longitudinal microbiota studies and many more.

GA-map® Discovery is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Why GA-map® Discovery?

Complete workflow service

No need for complicated library prep or data processing

High resolution

Bacteria detection down to species level

Clinically relevant targets only

Pre-selected panel of gut and oral bacteria

High accuracy

Get signals on target bacteria independent of external databases

Short turnaround

From analysis to results in 2 days

High multiplexity

Get results for multiple targets simultaneously

Documented specificity

Known in silico and in vitro specificity for each target

GA-map® Discovery features

Comprehensive gut panel

Oral bacteria markers

In-depth profiling

Opportunistic pathogens

Fast track results

Our standardized workflow enables short turnaround time. Basic results are delivered in an easy-to-process format and contain normalized signals for each marker. Numeric values give you a solid basis for data presentation tailored to your research, without the need for extensive data processing steps like sequence alignment and variant calling. Our experienced bioinformatics team can perform data analysis to supply you with ready-to-publish statistics and results in various visualizations.

Essential target groups

GA-map® Discovery was developed to facilitate discovery of new biomarkers and bacteria signatures connected to gastrointestinal and metabolic health and disease. The pre-selected bacteria panel comprises of more than 170 bacterial markers, covering bacteria species spanning over 110 genera. The markers include bacteria from known clinically important groups, ranging from probiotic strains to enteric and oral opportunistic pathogens.

Get started with GA-map® Discovery

Looking for the “Eureka!” moment in your research? Incorporate microbiota analysis in your studies! GA-map® Discovery presents you with endless opportunities for ground-breaking discoveries.

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