The GA-map® platform

The GA-map® platform hosts standardized microbiota assays for both research and diagnostic use. The technology behind enables high precision probe and primer design, providing countless possibilities for custom assay design.

What is the GA-map® technology?

The unique GA-map® technology presents a different approach in microbiota analysis from other methods currently in use in research and clinical diagnostics. GA-map® is a pre-selected target multiplex platform allowing simultaneous analysis of a large number of bacteria in a single reaction. The technology utilizes sequence variations between different bacteria groups or species for detection and quantification.

GA-map® uses almost the full length of the 16S gene (variable regions V3-V9) to detect bacteria at low taxonomic levels (genus and species). Bacteria marker panels built on the GA-map® platform can simultaneously target multiple bacteria on different taxonomic levels.

Depending on the composition of bacteria present in each sample, the probes in the GA-map® panel will bind to their respective target DNA and produce a signal.

GA-map® assay incorporate MagPlex® microspheres for solid phase hybridization and easy readout on Luminex®200™ or MAGPIX® instruments (Luminex Corp.). The workflow allows a short turnaround time of 1-2 days.

Find out more about the Luminex® instruments here:

Visit the Luminex® website for information on the instruments

How it works in the lab

Sample collection


gDNA extraction


Amplification of 16s rRNA gene


Quantification of PCR product


Clean-up of PCR product


End-labeling of probe set


Hybridization and signal detection

Data QC and results generation

Probe design

Our microbiome expertise extends to probe and primer design for custom GA-map® and PCR assays. Our unique and proprietary oligonucleotide design workflow ensures high specificity, documented for each probe/primer through extensive in silico and in vitro testing.

The GA-map® platform can host high multiplex assays targeting up to 500 markers in one reaction. We also offer custom design of probes and primers suitable for rapid qPCR assays.

Custom panels

Are you looking to put together a pre-selected bacteria marker panel or have you identified a specific signature? The GA-map® platform provides the perfect ground for transforming clinical research results into ready-to-use diagnostic solutions. Thanks to the high level of standardization, easy laboratory workflow and uncomplicated data handling, GA-map® enables CE-IVD certification of microbiota assays, making it the ideal choice for:

  • Companion diagnostic assays
  • Screening assays
  • Targeted profiling assays

Get started with GA-map®

Do you have an assay idea and wish to develop it on the GA-map® platform? Contact us for a non-binding conversation!