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GA-map® can facilitate end-to-end microbiota profiling services for both clinical and research samples.

Our workflow features comprehensive gut microbiota profiling using standardized clinically validated technology for microbiota assessment in clinical samples.

Services we offer

Clinical sample analysis

Do you want to offer microbiota profiling to your patients? Our service laboratory performs the CE-IVD approved Dysbiosis Test and COVID-19 Fecal Test routinely. We provide the complete workflow, from sample collection solutions to analysis reporting.

End-to-end research service

Do you wish to incorporate microbiota analysis in your research project? With our extensive clinical research expertise within the gut microbiome field, we will help you pick the right study design and bioinformatic analyses. Send us your samples and we will provide the complete workflow tailored to your needs!

Assay development

Our microbiome expertise expands to probe and primer design for custom GA-map® and PCR assay development. The GA-map® platform offers endless possibilities for multiplex microbiota assays, spanning from diagnostic to targeted research assays. The unmatched level of standardization makes GA-map® the benchmark microbiota platform.

Scientific advice

Missing experience in the microbiome field? We are happy to share our expertise in study design, microbiota analysis, bioinformatic analysis and scientific writing.

Do our services fit your profile? Contact us to talk about your needs or simply request a quote for your samples.

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Clinical sample analysis

CE-IVD analysis

Validated parameters

Easy reporting

Short turnaround

Clinical sample analysis

Standardized and clinically validated testing of the gut microbiota to measure and characterize dysbiosis can be a helpful tool when choosing the right treatment regime and monitoring progress in your patients. Our service laboratory performs routine analyses of patient and fecal donor samples using our CE-IVD GA-map® Dysbiosis Test and GA-map® COVID-19 Fecal Test. Microbiota profiling and identification of dysbiosis is recommended in:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of gastrointestinal disorders
  • Mapping and aiding gastrointestinal symptoms
  • IBS and IBD symptom and treatment management
  • Diet management

Your microbiome research partner

50+ publications

70+ clinical trials

Bioinformatic expertise

Standardized platform

End-to-end research service

An increasing number of researchers have discovered the efficiency and simplicity of GA-map® in microbiota analysis. We offer a unique, highly standardized platform, featuring an end-to-end workflow for targeted microbiota analysis. We provide services tailored for all types of clinical research.

GA-map® Dysbiosis Test is a CE-IVD approved microbiota test for detection and characterization of dysbiosis in human fecal samples, providing microbiota profiling with an intrinsic healthy reference.

GA-map® Discovery is a comprehensive microbiota profiling assay for Research Use Only, providing deep insight into gut and oral microbiota, based on analysis of over 170 clinically important bacteria.

GA-map® COVID-19 Fecal Test is a CE-IVD test for detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus in human fecal samples.

The GA-map® Dysbiosis Test has until now been applied in clinical research in the fields of gastroenterology and metabolic disorders. Explorethe full publication list below.

Your research project timeline

Step 1: Study design consultancy

Our experienced team will help you decide the perfect study set up, sample collection solution, and choose the right analyses.

Step 2: Sample collection and shipment

We run microbiota analyses on fecal samples, saliva samples, or pre-extracted gDNA. We assist you with solutions for easy sample collection.

Step 3: Sample analysis

We run the study samples according to agreed protocol and timeline. We pride ourselves on the complete sample workflow and short turnaround.

Step 4: Data analysis

GA-map® results are easy to interpret and require no data storage capacity. Bioinformatic analysis is performed upon request.

We used GA-map® in our clinical research within IBS. We have great experience with GA-map® as a tool to select, monitor and follow-up patients.

Professor Magdy El-Salhy

Stord Hospital, Helse Bergen and the University of Bergen, Norway

Professor Magdy El-Salhy

There is still so much to learn about the microbiome, we are only just beginning to discover its importance, and the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test will help us do just that.

Emeritus Professor Peter Malfertheiner

Senior Professor at the Ludwig Maximillian University, University Clinic in Munich, Germany

Emeritus Professor Peter Malfertheiner

Assays developed on the GA-map® platform


High multiplex

Short turnaround

Easy to integrate

Assay development

The GA-map® platform holds the potential for development of In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) tests for all diseases and conditions involving microbiota. The low requirement of specialized laboratory equipment and the high level of platform standardization give you an ideal starting point for easy IVD assay development. We are happy to merge our expertise in bacteria marker and primer design with your assay requests. Contact us to find out more about our assay development platform, or to discuss your ideas.