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GA-map® is a diagnostic technology platform for characterization of the human microbiota.

We are a trusted provider of standardized IVD microbiota profiling assays and analysis services.

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Looking to strengthen your analysis portfolio with standardized microbiota tests? Our product range includes standardized solutions for microbiota profiling in both research and clinical diagnostics.

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GA-map® offers solutions to facilitate research in academia and pharma/industry. We provide services ranging from end-to-end microbiota analyses and bioinformatics to bacteria biomarker discovery and assay development.

Our products

GA-map® Dysbiosis Test

GA-map® Discovery

Sample Collection Kit

COVID-19 Fecal Test

We used GA-map® in our clinical research within IBS. We have great experience with GA-map® as a tool to select, monitor and follow-up patients.

Professor Magdy El-Sahy

Stord Hospital, Helse Bergen and the University of Bergen, Norway

Professor Magdy El-Sahy

There is still so much to learn about the microbiome, we are only just beginning to discover its importance, and the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test will help us do just that.

Emeritus Professor Peter Malfertheiner

Senior Professor at the Ludwig Maximillian University, University Clinic in Munich, Germany

Emeritus Professor Peter Malfertheiner

Latest from GA-map®

GA-map® Discovery reagent kit is here!

Based on the proprietary GA-map® platform, our first Research use Only assay for comprehensive microbiota profiling is now available as a reagent kit.

The GA-map® Discovery is an ideal solution for laboratories running high volumes of research samples. The assay targets over 170 different bacteria typical for gut and oral microbiota in a high multiplex reaction. Anchoring the assay on a highly standardized platform marks a new opportunity for benchmarking complex microbiota analyses.

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