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GA-map® can facilitate your research with end-to-end microbiota profiling services that translate complex data into meaningful results. Our workflow features comprehensive gut microbiota profiling as well as standardized, clinically validated parameters for microbiota assessment in clinical research. Send us your study samples to uncover valuable bacteria signatures.

Why GA-map®?

Reference values

50+ publications

70+ clinical trials

Bioinformatic services

Microbiome analysis services

The GA-map® technology offers a standardized platform that features an end-to-end workflow for targeted microbiota analysis. We provide services tailored for all types of clinical research.

GA-map® Dysbiosis Test is a microbiota test for detection and characterization of dysbiosis in human fecal samples. The test is the first CE-IVD approved assay providing microbiota profiling with an intrinsic healthy reference.

GA-map® Discovery is a Research Use Only, comprehensive, end-to-end microbiota profiling service for clinical and industry research. The service provides deep insight into gut and oral microbiota, based on analysis of over 170 clinically important bacteria.

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Your research project timeline

Step 1: Study design consultancy

Our experienced team will help you decide the perfect study set up, sample collection solution, and chose the right analyses.

Step 2: Sample collection and shipment

We run microbiota analyses on fecal samples, saliva samples, or pre-extracted gDNA. We assist you with solutions for easy sample collection.

Step 3: Sample analysis

We run the study samples according to agreed protocol and timeline. We pride ourselves on the complete sample workflow and short turnaround.

Step 4: Data analysis

GA-map® results are easy to interpret and require no data storage capacity. Bioinformatic analysis is performed upon request.

GA-map® Dysbiosis Test features

Dysbiosis index

Reference population


Bacterial abundance

GA-map® Discovery features

Comprehensive gut panel

Oral bacteria markers

In-depth profiling

Opportunistic pathogens

Benefits of the GA-map® technology

Speed and throughput

Results in 1-2 days for a 96-well plate

Cost efficiency

Low cost per sample


Species level resolution


Standardized, highly accurate and reproducible results

Pre-determined approach

A panel targeting only the relevant bacteria


Detects multiple bacteria targets simultaneously

16s rRNA Sequencing
Shotgun metagenomics

Validated parameters in GA-map® Dysbiosis Test

Reference values

Relative abundance compared to healthy normal

No data processing steps

Patented algorithm providing ready-to-use results

Dysbiosis Index

Validated gut microbiota dysbiosis indicator

CE-IVD approved

Meets high safety, health, and environmental requirements


An increasing number of researchers have discovered the efficiency and simplicity of the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test in gut microbiota analysis.

Merging the rapidness, preciseness, and robustness of RT-PCR approaches with the comprehensiveness of next-generation sequencing, the GA-map® technology drastically reduces the time from analysis to publication.

The GA-map® technology has until now been applied in clinical research in the fields of gastroenterology (IBS and IBD) and metabolic disorders (Diabetes and Obesity).

We used GA-map® in our clinical research within IBS. We have great experience with GA-map® as a tool to select, monitor and follow-up patients.

Professor Magdy El-Salhy

Stord Hospital, Helse Bergen and the University of Bergen, Norway

Professor Magdy El-Salhy

There is still so much to learn about the microbiome, we are only just beginning to discover its importance, and the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test will help us do just that.

Emeritus Professor Peter Malfertheiner

Senior Professor at the Ludwig Maximillian University, University Clinic in Munich, Germany

Emeritus Professor Peter Malfertheiner

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